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Here Comes a Comeback

Recently the "valleys" of life have hit some of my closest relatives in the way of grave health challenges. I've watched and felt helpless, prayed for them, and tried to rally around them to help them stay buoyant. What is astonishing to me is how each individual responds to their adversity. All of us experience life as it can hit us hard, knock us flat on our face, and we are forced to pull ourselves back up somehow. The process is messy and not a straight line to the finish. The path is bumpy and there is the danger of getting stuck in a pattern of weakness and self pity. What is the intangible quality that humans possess within that inspires us to comeback from challenges in life? Well, folks, life's lows have hit me too. Here's what I learned thus far... You dig deep down to the very threads you are made of and face your weakest self head on. Ego begins to crumble and what slowly emerges deep within is a hope, spirit, light, your Divine Self. However you define it, this special intrinsic quality in each one of us is a gift we are born with. It's our essence. It never leaves us, just gets veiled by distractions in life. All of us can tap this life energy, grow it, and allow it to flow freely and strengthen us.

Whether you observe miracles in nature, create art, walk with mindfulness, or simply sit still in meditation, you allow space to experience the light within. You have the strength within to pull yourself up from a dark valley and see the beautiful view from the top of the hill. Bathe in the awesome power of your new perspective. After all, we are created to embrace life each day. Breathe in the amazing possibilities and breathe out your unique purpose.. It's your time, your moment! Namaste, Teresa

(Click on picture to hear Danny Gokey's " Here Comes Your Comeback" )

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