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Lotus Emerges

This time last summer I trekked back to the little murky pond in our backyard that has become a mini world for frogs, small animals passing by, and interesting plants. To my surprise there was a large water lily plant with many fat round leaves. Curiosity lead me for a closer look only to notice a single flower beginning to emerge. It was actually a lotus! I had read about the symbolism of this inspiring bloom in the yoga articles. It is a flower that gains its potential and strength as it pulls away from the muddy bottom of small bodies of water. The "thousand" petals of the lotus represent the many facets of our being unfolding over time as we create mindful, healthy habits. So, each day I visited the pond and watched the petals open until a bright, pure white lotus emerged completely in its most lovely state. This stagnant pond was the last place I thought a perfect white lotus would appear. The blooming happened slowly much like how we grow and evolve over time on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. "Om mani padme hum" in Sanskrit means, " The jewel in the lotus of the heart."

This mantra illuminates a vision of our potential, the gem that we treasure inside the flower of our heart. Wherever your lotus heart is, in the muck, reaching toward the surface of the water, or fully open for all to see, know that your pure path and truest purpose already lie within you! It's just a matter of time until you move away from the tangles of life and free your beauty. Lotus flowers multiply... I can't wait to visit the pond this summer! Namaste.

Lotus in Pond

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